Failed Tinkerbell

May 22, 2009 at 1:57 pm Leave a comment

I dreamed last night that I was in a musical play, and I played the role of TINKERBELL. My high school drama coach was directing the production. For some reason, we skipped a night off from production once the play had opened. And, the next night when we did the play again…I realized I had forgotten all my cues and my lines, and my lyrics, etc. It was horrifying! I was doing the best I could to just fake it and make it…But, apparently Mrs. A was totally on to the fact that I didn’t know any of my lines.  Suddenly I looked up and out skated my replacement. Yes, I said skated. We weren’t originally on ice for the play, but when I was getting the boot in the middle of the performance, suddenly it was Tinkerbell on Ice.  (I can’t ice skate…no way/no how.)  So, naturally, out skated the new Tinkerbell.  Her costume was like professional quality. She even had a blonde up-do wig on. I looked ridiculous next to her.  And I realized immediately that Mrs. Anderson had sent that girl in to finish the performance for me because I was failing miserably at it.  Yes,  I had been replaced. For a moment I thought, “well, I could just keep at it and pretend she’s not here.” But, I didn’t. I just left the ice, slump-shouldered. As I was leaving, the crowd was cheering and I heard someone in the stands say to another person, “Thank God! She was awful!”    I felt terrible. So, then I started trying to slip around unnoticed.  So, I’m like wandering down dark corridors out of the way from most of the people so that no one would see me: THE FAILED TINKERBELL.

Somewhere towards the end of the dream, I was still trying to be incognito…on the downlow, and such…but the crowd kept recognizing me. They would even make sad, pitiful sounding  comments to me, and stuff.  Suddenly, I ended up in a football stadium. Like an outside venue.  The game was over. Football players (PRO FOOTBALL) were around. All their wives were there. And, Archie Manning was lying on a bleacher seat on his back.  He was practically panting from exhaustion after the game. He looked really, really tired. I thought of how my Daddy taught him in school somewhere along the line. (He really did, btw.)
Then someone asked the football players’ wives were asked where they lived. And they all said in unison the name of a town in Colorado where they all chose to live. And they told with great pride how that particular town was the only place they could imagine living in because it was sooooo perfect for them.


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