first grade fashion: VETO’d!

September 3, 2009 at 10:45 am Leave a comment

This morning Maggie came tearfully to me and sobbed, “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy can’t I understand FASHION????”

“Ohhhh, what’samatter, hunnie?” I asked.

“Jessye says my outfit doesn’t work. I THOUGHT IT DiiiiiiiiD!” she wailed. Then she began to explain the components of the design that she felt justified her choices.
Truthfully, color-wise—the child did a great job. The only problem with the outfit was that the shirt was a little too short to wear over leggings. And, of course I explained that as best I could. Then I said, “Come on. Let’s go to the dryer and see what else we can find that you can put together!”

So, chose a new outfit. Bless her li’lo pea-pickin’ heart. I’m in a house full of divas. Ain’t nobody gettin’ out of our house inappropriately attired. Not with my sixteen year old, Jessye on patrol. Truth be known, I guess I did it to her. When she was our only baby (for her first nearly ten years), Jessye and I squabbled over which outfits “worked”. Ooooooh…she’d be so mad at me sometimes! But, I’d just tell her, “Look, you will EVENTUALLY understand these things for yourself. Meanwhile, it is part of my job as your mother to NOT let you go out of the house looking like Punky Brewster!”

I have a friend who used to let her child pick out her own clothes when she was small, and would just praise her and really build the child up for selecting her own clothes, whether they matched or NOT. Now, I’m sorry folks! In my mind, that’s just parental NEGLIGENCE! I will never forget the day her five year old showed up at my house in a red turtle neck, red skirt, and fuchsia opaque tights. I thought calling the department of children’s services. Or at least the fashion police! It wasn’t the child’s fault of course. They should have arrested the mother!

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these are a few of my favorite things… God have mercy on me…a lowly sinner.

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