keepin’ my mouth shut…NOT an easy task.

June 8, 2010 at 9:43 am Leave a comment

Didn’t take my Zyrtek this morning. Dang! I really hate that! I’m gonna have to go back to toting my meds around with me in a weekly pill organizer again. I just cannot deal with a day without Zyrtek! Mercy! A co-worker of mine just came around the corner and saw me for the first time today and looked at me in shock. Thanks for that, woman! I suppose that means I not only FEEL like an allergy victim, but I obviously LOOK LIKE ONE, TOO!

My back feels much better today. Today, I just feel sorta stiff. I am going to try to resume walking and standing as normal today and see if that will help. I did everything so c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y yesterday that I probably brought this stiffness upon myself. I was too scared I would end up accidentally wrenching my back outa whack again!

You’ll get a kick outa this. Terry played me a two or three minute voice mail of me, talking to traffic and singing in my car. Apparently I only thought I had hung up from trying to call him.  Wrong! Apparently it rolled to voicemail and recorded all sorts of nonsense coming from me. So, now I have become painfully aware of how much I DO say out loud when NO ONE is there to hear me. (Makes me mad every time I catch myself doing it, now!)   But, I am determined to stop! Truth is, an easy way to keep that from happening again is to simply refuse to call Terry on the phone. (90% of the time it goes to voicemail when I call him, anyway! So, I can DRAMATICALLY cut the chance of him having me on voicemail chattering away to myself by just refusing to call him! Ha!) But meanwhile I have to figure out how to train myself to be silent, I guess. Otherwise, no telling who will hear me talking ugly to the traffic and singing at the top of my lungs. And I’mo tell ya, folks. I talk UGLY to the traffic. The traffic would cry if it could hear how ugly I talk to it.

The other day I must have butt-dialed a friend of mine. And I am quite sure she heard me raging on and on about somebody else’s BAD ATTITUDE.  Oh, the irony! Imagine my chagrin when I looked down and realized the phone was CONNECTED to a friend who, NO DOUBT, heard me spitting and hissing!  (Yeah. I was mortified.)

As  a switchboard operator I have had to learn not to SAY anything after I hang up the phone. It’s hard to do sometimes. I had to learn not to say, “IDIOT!” when I just talked to someone who behaved like one of those.  It’s called covering your butt. Sure as you hang up the phone and pronounce somebody an idiot, THEY’D STILL BE ON THE LINE. I guess there’s just NO WHERE to be able to say what you want when you want. I like to think I am trainable. Surely I can learn to keep my mouth shut. But, for us call it like you see it kinda people…THAT’s NOT an easy task. And that can get scary. Because, even when you’re alone, your cell phone is likely still there, ready to sell you down the river.

 I hope it rains the rest of the week. That’s right! I HOPE IT RAINS! Knock some of the pollen out of the air!




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