really, really cranky

August 16, 2010 at 8:45 pm Leave a comment

Really, really cranky today. Probably because I started dieting again today. I started exercising Saturday. The DVD series I’m doing is very lunges & squats intensive. Two days of that, and this morning I woke up THREE POUNDS HEAVIER! Now y’all…that is soooo not right! No fair!!!!

So I counted Weight Watchers POINTS on everything I ate today. And I walked a mile tonight. I have four POINTS remaining. But I am sooooo cranky and depressed! I HATE controling portions size! Hate it!!! Here lately everytime I start a plain old calorie restrictive plan, I get soooooo bummed out that I want to go back on low carb diet like within a day’s time!! I would much rather make the foods obey than to make the portion sizes obey.

Long story short? I am so depressed about my weight…and soooo MAD that I have to diet!!

OK. Yeah. That pretty much sums it up.

Entry filed under: weight control central.

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