a must-read book: FLATLANDS by Susan Sims Moody

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My younger sister, Susan, is quite the author, y’all! In celebration of the fact that her THIRD book is about to come out, I thought I’d take a moment and reccommend that you read the first two in the series! Today I’d like to share with you an excerpt from the first book in her series, entitled, FLATLANDS.

Enjoy the excerpt, and then, by all means, purchase your own copy in e-book format by visiting this link!

Flatlands (The Jennifer Martin Mystery Series) – Kindle Edition – Kindle eBook (Oct. 18, 2010) by Susan Sims Moody

Buy: $2.99

And here’s the excerpt I promised you! From FLATLANDS  by Susan Sims Moody:

After hours of working on her new home, Jennifer needed a break. It was cooling off, about seventy degrees outside. At a quarter past eight, the sun was dropping fast. She pulled on a gray sweatshirt, exchanged her flip-flops for a pair of tennis shoes, and walked out the back door to explore the back forty.
Behind the old house sprawled a large grassy field. The heat had baked the knee-high weeds to an amber glow. Ancient pine trees lined the field, marking the boundary of the county landfill. Only when the wind blew the wrong direction would anyone suspect it. The house had been built on a man-made plateau that sloped down to the field below. She didn’t think much about it.
Crickets chirped in the cooling evening hours, and Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief and exhaustion. She descended the sloping hill to the heart of the yellow-gold field. Something loomed up suddenly in the dark.
Had it been there all along? Was something in the field with her? Jennifer paused and looked. The object did not move. She waited a little longer and noticed a mildewed odor wafting toward her. Whatever it was, it had been there a long time.
She continued closer to investigate. As she closed in, it seemed larger and larger. She came closer and touched the side of a still-warm shell that lay on its side, four feet tall. Blue paint flaked off the surface in sheets as big as her hand as she continued to investigate.
It was rectangular with a large hose-like object around it. Moving around, she discovered another piece, lying separately from the first. Shoes. She saw black shoes attached to ten-foot tall legs, cut off at the pelvis. Around again, and Jennifer saw another rectangle: a grocery sack with a huge forearm and hand clutching it tightly.
She knew what was next. The huge head lay face down in the mud, water stagnating inside what would have held a brain, had it been real. The Giant Grocer had been abandoned when the grocery chain failed. Lying in three pieces, he was a memorial to all that once was grand almost twenty years ago. The thought of groceries made her hungrier still.
Jennifer rubbed her tired hands across the mammoth man, feeling his colors flaking away as she touched the forgotten figure. His peach features were cooling faster than his dark brown hair. The field was completely dark now. She looked back toward her house as headlights flashed in the driveway.
Startled to have a visitor, all other thoughts vanished, and the crickets seemed to hush in anticipation. She patted the grocer one last time and jogged up the hill to see who had come to call. The hill seemed steeper going up than it did going down, and Jennifer had to pause to catch her breath where the back yard became markedly more sloped. The Mississippi delta, and you’ve got to pick the only place in two hundred miles that has a hill in the back yard, she thought.

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truly amazing MERCY! You’ve GOT to read this book!!!

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