I don’t EVEN wanna hear that. Speak to the hand.

March 28, 2011 at 3:16 pm Leave a comment

Love covers a multitude of sins.

“Have you heard about what so-and-so did? Well, you are never gonna believe THIS!”

Why do people take it upon themselves to tale-bear? Have they themselves never done anything wrong? It amazes me that in this world brimming full of flawed people (correct me if I’m wrong…but is there any other kind of person?) –there are so many people who like to spend their time running down the names and reputations of their neighbors!

Folks! Do some reading on the law of attraction. You are bringing that same treatment down upon yourself. Think you are above reproach? Better stay humble. Pride comes before the fall!  Small town, small-mindedness! Ugh!!! Why people? Why? Love your neighbor! Do unto others as you know you HOPE they’ll do unto you!

I used to do a lot better about stopping gossip in its tracks. It can be hard to tell someone to STOP before they unload their juicy gossip for you to hear. But that’s EXACTLY what we all need to do. Don’t tell anything bad on anyone, and refuse to LISTEN to anything bad on anyone.

Some people have convinced themselves that they are only trying to “protect” their friends by warning them about what evils of which somebody else is capable. But that’s bunk, too! We are ALL completely CAPABLE of the same deeds. If you think you are ABOVE some sin, you have got a bigger issue to overcome: PRIDE.

And yeah, people may look at you funny when you tell them, “Please don’t take offense…but I don’t want you to tell me any juicy news on anybody.”  Yeah, they may think you’re a goodie-goodie. But ya know what? This world needs more goodie-goodies.

So, NO. I don’t even wanna hear that! (And you shouldn’t either!)

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