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ode to a great bordeaux, 1991

This morning, as I was “compacting” a package with my foot, I found myself grinning and thinking about our first little Yorkie that Terry Malone and I “rescued” within five months of  our wedding date.  His name was Boredeaux.  We got him  from the Bordeaux, TN Sanitary Landfill  & Dog Pound.  We camped out all night for that little rascal. Found him on a Thursday afternoon at the pound, and his parole date wasn’t until Saturday morning.  So, I told Terry, “We are gonna be sitting outside the locked main gate at 2am”.  Terry thought I was nuts. (I won’t argue that point; t’would be futile.) But, I will say we were there at 2am. And,  at 2:05am that evening, the next car pulled up.  An elderly man who’d “driven allllll the way from Kentucky” had arrived five minutes too late for the same dog.  My thoughts? “Cry me a river, PawPaw.  That Yorkie is MINE.”

A while later, another car pulled up behind us.  A woman waddled up to my window, which I rolled down an eighth of an inch.

“I don’t SUPPOSE you’d HAPPEN to be here for the Yorkie, would you?”

“Yes ma’am.  Been here since 2am,” I replied.

“Uhhhhhh huh!” she said, and waddled away.

Minutes later I saw that gal and her husband go flying across the field of grass between the hospital and the dog pound.

Okay. You can see this is gonna get ugly, right? Lemme sum it up. 6am, the official legal front gate opened to the public.  We drove back there and waited at the gate to the dog pound beside the hooligans in the pick up truck.  The poor fella who had to open the dog pound that morning pulled up. Got out. Opened the lock on the gate. And we raced  to that dog pound door.  Terry said, you better jump out if you want your dog.  So, I did. It’s a wonder I didn’t break my ankle as I foot raced that bitch to the front porch. (I won.)

The dog pound employee on duty got out of his car, seeing right away that there was gonna be trouble. He said, “Ladies, what seems to be the trouble?”

I responded, “Trouble? No trouble. My husband and I arrived at 2am and waited outside the legal gate of this establishment. We are here for the Yorkie pup.  I told the security guard my name. He wrote it down. I told him we were here specifically for the Yorkie pup at the pound. He wrote that down, too.   Now, these folks came up hours later, she asked me if I was here for that Yorkie.  And when I said yes, they decided to drive off through the field, taking an illegal short cut to this second gate. If you’d like to know who was here first, simply consult the guard.  He has my name and what time I arrived.”

The dog pound employee said to the other woman, “Ma’am, is that true?”

And she had the gall to say, “Well, I don’t know about that!”

So, I refreshed her memory with a calm voice and a polite smile, “Well, of course you do know about that. Furthermore you weren’t even SECOND in line. You were third!”

Did I mention this was really a bad redneck saga? Yes. My worst to this date.

So, the dog pound employee says, “Well, I tell ya what, neither of you can have that dog.”

And I smiled, and said, “Are you the MANAGER?”

He said, “No ma’am, he’s off today.”  Heh. I guess he thought I was gonna be satisfied with that?

I  said, “Sir, get your manager on the horn. I’ve been here all night. I followed the rules; she trespassed on private property. And, I am NOT leaving without my dog.”

So, he called the man in charge. The manager sided with the one of us who was outside the legal gate first. And, he chastised the other woman for trespassing. Ha! Whaddaya know! Sometimes justice is served.  Good grief!

Okay, now you have the back story. But, now, back to why I was grinning this morning:

Bordeaux LOVED it when we crushed any kind of packaging before putting it in the trash.  He would get soooo excited!  So revved up! He’d growl and carry on, pulling and tugging at whatever we were stomping flat to make room in the garbage bag.  It was totally “PACK MENTALITY” for him.  Clearly, as far as Bordeaux was concerned, flattening an empty gallon milk jug was, in his canine mind, akin to us out killing livestock together like a pack of wild dogs!

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“gross out, minnie pearl!!”

This Monday morning, I woke up to discover that Minnie Pearl, our miniature rat terrier had found a bird in our back yard. She had it in her mouth when she came back from going outside first thing this morning. Jessye started screaming. I was totally grossed out. I went out on the back porch with the dog and her “prize”, being careful not to let her run inside as I was exiting. Minnie Pearl really could not understand why I did not want her to come inside with her prey. Jessye opened the door about an inch and pushed a pair of gloves out the door to me. I donned the gloves, pried the dogs mouth open, and removed the foul fowl. BLiCKKKKKKKK!

Naturally, this set off my tendencies toward OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). I managed to only wash my hands about four times after that. (Used to be that would have set off RITUAL HANDWASHING and would have RUINED my whole day.) See? I’m doing better! = ) Now, if you’re not at least a little OCD, I know you can’t understand what ritual hand-washing is all about. And, congratulations to you, ‘cause it is straight from the NO FUN ZONE.

But, I’m betting a whole lot of people know EXACTLY what I’m talkin’ about. (Can I get a witness? Feel free to chime in comments!)

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maybelle made a break for it

Last night our yorkie, Mother Maybelle escaped from the house out into the front yard. This is bad. This is very, very bad. That dog is a complete freak once she feels the freedom of a fenceless piece of terra firma!

I broke into a gallop over the thresh hold of the front door! Leaping like a gazelle out onto the manicured front lawn I went, sporting my round toed kitten heel pumps. I hollered like a maniac at that dog. MAYBELLE! MAYYYYYYYYYYYBELLE! Get over here you stupid lard!

She ran west to the Downs’ yard. She ran east to the Phipps’ yard. She ran even further east into the yard of the lovely family I have not gone down to meet as of yet. Finally in desperation, I stopped amidst the clover of my neighbors yards, and took of my shoe. YES. You heard me. (Dang dog!) Still trying to yell her into submission and shame unsuccessfully, I hurled my shoe in her general direction. (Don’t worry. I am a horrible pitcher.) She did, however stop and run over to see what I had thrown. I a-l-m-o-s-t got her before she escaped my grasp again. I flung the other shoe! I did this four times, and the dumb dog ran back to see what I’d thrown for her all four times. Fourth time, I finally got a good enough hold on her.

Completely unaware of my surroundings, I grabbed up our pedigreed canine and chastised her loudly and repeatedly. I looked up to see three neighbor children on the porch of the home on which lawn I was standing. *heh! heh-hehh… … … Hhhhh.*

All three of them had horrified looks on their faces. They looked afraid. They looked very afraid.

Oh well. I guess I’ll be “that crazy dog snatchin’ lady” now to all the little children in our cove.

Could be worse, I guess. Hhhhhhhhh! Dang dog!


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did ya think i forgot about my blog?

Okay, admittedly, that was a rather long, and unannounced blog hiatus.  And y’all… things have changed around the old blogdom while I was away. For instance, it’s snowing on my blog.  I wonder why it is snowing on my blog? I have not posted since mid November, but I am fairly sure it was NOT snowing on my cyber-real-estate when I last visited. (more…)

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mercy Mags!

This is possumly the most pitiful little story you may ever here. (So be warned.)

One day last week I received a phone call around 4pm from Terry. From the time I answered the phone I could hear Maggie wailing in the background. (more…)

February 15, 2008 at 2:48 pm 1 comment

on white legs and weight gain

Okay, I know it’s hotter than a two dollar pistol outside, BUT it’s colder than a well-digger’s toes in my office. And, therefore, I just turned on the space heater…at least until my piggies thaw out.  I dare not phone building maintenance and complain because my boss is always over-heating…year round. She keeps a fan blowing in her office. And, the rest of us must deal with the chill in order to keep her temperature under control. (more…)

June 12, 2007 at 4:37 pm 1 comment

pray for our pup, please

Please pray for our pup. Maybelle is sick. Took her to the vet this morning. They think that her digestive system is still pretty immature. So, she’s having issues with diarreah. She’s on meds to stop the problem now. But, we’re definitely concerned. Send prayers up on her behalf please.  ( I took the day off to stay home with her and take care of her.)

June 6, 2007 at 3:46 pm 2 comments

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