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I don’t EVEN wanna hear that. Speak to the hand.

Love covers a multitude of sins.

“Have you heard about what so-and-so did? Well, you are never gonna believe THIS!”

Why do people take it upon themselves to tale-bear? Have they themselves never done anything wrong? It amazes me that in this world brimming full of flawed people (correct me if I’m wrong…but is there any other kind of person?) –there are so many people who like to spend their time running down the names and reputations of their neighbors!

Folks! Do some reading on the law of attraction. You are bringing that same treatment down upon yourself. Think you are above reproach? Better stay humble. Pride comes before the fall!  Small town, small-mindedness! Ugh!!! Why people? Why? Love your neighbor! Do unto others as you know you HOPE they’ll do unto you!

I used to do a lot better about stopping gossip in its tracks. It can be hard to tell someone to STOP before they unload their juicy gossip for you to hear. But that’s EXACTLY what we all need to do. Don’t tell anything bad on anyone, and refuse to LISTEN to anything bad on anyone.

Some people have convinced themselves that they are only trying to “protect” their friends by warning them about what evils of which somebody else is capable. But that’s bunk, too! We are ALL completely CAPABLE of the same deeds. If you think you are ABOVE some sin, you have got a bigger issue to overcome: PRIDE.

And yeah, people may look at you funny when you tell them, “Please don’t take offense…but I don’t want you to tell me any juicy news on anybody.”  Yeah, they may think you’re a goodie-goodie. But ya know what? This world needs more goodie-goodies.

So, NO. I don’t even wanna hear that! (And you shouldn’t either!)

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judge not

I have a person in my life who is standing in judgment. And, even though I know she’s got no grounds for judgement, and I am NOT guilt-laden, I am, nonetheless FURIOUS! And, therefore I’m in my own little self-made prison of fury. I am about to go off the deep end trying to keep from screaming at her for being SUCH a self-righteous, judgmental so-n-so! Anyway, I found a really great article on the website of one of my favorite teachers. And I am including it in this post. I know there are underlying reasons for why people act NUTS. (If anyone knows why I act nuts, please feel free to comment! ha!) I understand that everyone’s got there little idiosyncrasies. Right? Sure! But, I’ve about had it with being judged.

So, while I try to forgive the infinitely endless “seventy times seven” times, I think I’ll also drop to me knees and pray that God will take all the people with a screw loose and send ‘em to an island far, far away so that I don’t get whip-lash from all this turning the other cheek I’m having to do everyday! Argh! Is that wrong? MERCY!

I’m NOT very merciful in the first place. (YES, I know that.) And I know, too, that all of you out there in the self-appointed cyber support/accountability group would ping me and let me know if I didn’t admit on my own that I’m virtually merciless.
But, now Y’ALL! When somebody starts wagging their finger at me in judgment, the mercury on my mercy meter bursts through the top like lava from a volcano. Scripture about removing logs from your own eye before you try and take the splinter out of mine come rushing to mind.

I’ve said before that in 2008, I really began to catch hold of the concept of not letting things GET TO ME as much as I have in years past. But apparently I’m not yet so skilled at this as I would like to become! It’s harder when you’re not just fighting thoughts, and taking thoughts captive into the mind of Christ. It’s much more difficult when it’s actual people whose constant barrage of infantile behavior is what you’re having to battle day in, day out! And yes, I get that it’s not PEOPLE with whom we battle. It’s darkness in the spiritual realm with which we truly are grappling. (And, half my readers just said, “Woooo, too weird for me to keep reading.” (I don’t care. I’m on a roll now.) And, since I’m on the subject, let me do my annual plug for Frank Peretti’s book, THIS PRESENT DARKNESS. God will open your eyes through this book if you’ll let Him. Ohhh! And! As evidence, may I just say that my cordless keyboard started malfunctioning when I began this paragraph. Yes! That’s right. That ain’t no co-inky-dink. That oughta make you wanna read the book I just plugged EVEN MORE.

Be sure to read this autobiographical text excerpt written by Joyce Meyer. I’m sure everyone’s either been in her shoes or encountered someone who mimicked this behavior. Maybe both?!

By: Joyce Meyer
“Although I appeared to function normally in society, I had multiple inward problems and complicated personality disorders.” (For those of you who aren’t familiar with this ministry leader, Joyce had these problems due to various types of abuse she endured from childhood until she was a young adult.) “There were several things going on in me at the time that prevented me from receiving and experiencing the righteousness, peace and joy of God’s kingdom (see Romans 14:17). But Jesus came so that we could have and enjoy kingdom living.

I was bitter about my past and had a chip on my shoulder, which caused me to have the attitude that everyone owed me preferential treatment. I was full of self-pity, especially if things didn’t go my way. I was controlling, manipulative, fearful, insecure and harsh. I was just plain hard to get along with and often downright obnoxious. I was judgmental, suspicious and very negative. I experienced a lot of guilt and condemnation. I had a shame-based nature; therefore, everything I attempted was poisoned. Since I didn’t like who I was, I spent many years trying to be like someone else. I’m sure you get the picture—I was quite a mess!” … I thought everyone else had a problem and that if they would change, I would be happy.”

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gave my nail tech a piece of my mind

First let me say that I was NOT ugly about this. I was just frank, okay. There IS a difference.

The other day I was in getting my gel nails filled, and the gals who work in the shop started chattering in Vietnemese. I swear, y’all. Vietnemese is just comical to listen to; is it not? It’s all I can do to not start laughing if I actually concentrate on all the gutteral utterances, and crecendos and decrecendos in their dialect. So, I sat there about five minutes, wondering as I usually do about what horrible things they might be saying about me or the other ladies getting their nails done…PAYING their salaries! And then it happened. I finally broke my silence. (more…)

December 29, 2008 at 3:35 pm 7 comments

that’s my opinion–OUGHRTER BE YORS.

A famous disc jockey on a Nashville country hits station does a comic segment in which he impersonates a redneck character who stops by regularly and does hick-soundin’ editorial commentaries. I used to laugh myself silly listening to that bit. And, he always ended his editorial soliloquies with the phrase, “That’s my opinion—oughrter be yors.”   

And, is that not EXACTLY how we all feel about our opinions? Oh, you know it is! Deep down we all feel:  “This is the way it is, and if you have any sense at all, you’ll agree with me.”

But the thing is, we ALLLLLL feel that way about our opinions. Every single one of us!  And some of us really enjoy expressing them! (more…)

July 29, 2008 at 10:24 am 8 comments

wednesday morning woe is me

“DeLois? I am going to be dramatically late for work today…”


Some days you just have to wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just stay in the bed.  This morning? Well. My annoying alarm went off this morning as usual. And, I hit the snooze as usual. Then the annoying alarm went off again. And, instead of hitting the snooze a second time, (more…)

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it’s not easy being tan

Perhaps the most tragic thing about springtime is my inherent lack of a sun-kissed look.  I have really, really fair skin. Makeup foundation color that refers to itself as “porcelain” is not light enough for me.  If I were naming foundation for whitey-white girls like myself (more…)

April 21, 2008 at 9:25 am 2 comments

dental dayspa

I had an appointment with the dental hygienist this morning. Instead of the typical teeth cleaning involving a high tech professional spin brush tool, my teeth were sand-blasted with a baking soda and water mixture. In addition to my teeth, my entire face was pretty much sandblasted. She covered my eyes with a tissue, but I must say that once the actual sandblasting began, I quickly decided I’d better close those peepers tight under that Kleenex before I wound up with grit on my eyeballs. I’m tellin’ you what! There was sandy mess flying everywhere! And despite the fact that the focus was my teeth, I couldn’t have asked for a better facial exfoliation treatment had I gone to the local dayspa! Once this unconventional teeth cleaning method was complete, the hygenist presented me with a very warm washcloth with which to clean my face. No! I swear. I’m tellin’ you, this was something akin to a facial!  (more…)

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