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Leigh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann! The office is just not the same without you! Come back!! I know you’re making more there, but sooooo??
What’s money got to do—-got to do with it? What’s money but a second hand emotion…

This shout out was sponsored by Huey’s. Huey’s! Where Madison Avenue cheeseburgers rule and every french fry is better when dredged through homemade ranch dressing. Visit your neighborhood Huey’s today!

Ohhhhh wait! You ain’t got no neighborhood Huey’s down there in Tupelo, do ya? Heh!

Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! We have HUEY’s up here!

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cold snap! love it!

I love fall! I love winter! I love NOT sweating! I love riding with the sunroof open, the windows down a little and the heater blowing! (more…)

October 29, 2008 at 4:38 pm 1 comment

deliciously tan

I put on self tanner last night. Covered imperfections this morning with some instant bronzer. I’ve found that’s a pretty good trick to camouflage any streaks.  I meant to keep up with applying self-tanner all summer.  But, I’ve been pretty delinquent the past three or four weeks. So, the result of that delinquency is one day I’m a ghost, and the next day I’m look like I’m from Tahiti. (more…)

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skippin’ school, wavin’ bye, and a year round tree

I wouldn’t go back and be a high school kid again for anything. Ughhhh! If there were a way my oldest child to skip it all together and get on with the rest of her life, I’d agree to it.  I hated high school. HATED IT! The juvenile behavior of most teenagers is just more than anyone ought to have to endure. All I wanted was outa there! I mean, it’s just the pits as far as social situations go. People don’t have good sense, and SOOO MANY lack morals.  (Not that THAT PART changes that dramatically when we become adults. Except that sometimes morally deficient adults are occasionally concerned enough about their reputations to at least attempt to conceal their lack of scruples.)  But, I’ll just say this:  There are definitely some girls whose mother I’d LOVE to take a long lunch with in order reveal to them some real eye-opening facts about their daughters. Well, I mean, I’d love to do that, if I could like DISAPPEAR forever immediately after said theoretical luncheon. Heck, I could provide some insight on a whole bunch of this town’s sons, too, for that matter. But, I guess I’ll just have to leave those revelations to someone else, (lest I should accientally mar my witness.)


January 2, 2008 at 5:54 pm 1 comment

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