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beached whale identified

Well. Not really. I mean, I’m not on the beach. YET. But, I’ve just got 48 more sleeps until I will be lying on a beach. What better reason to TRY HARDER to lose weight?! I don’t wanna be mistaken for a massive marine mammal that’s washed up on the seashore. Between being a 47 year old woman and having Hashimoto’s Disease, losing weight is not as easily accomplished as it once was.

I remember my twenties. (Well, vaguely, anyway.) I could very simply cut FAT out of my diet, and the weight just FELL OFF. That does not work anymore. Ironically, now, all I eat is fat…well, protein, really. And, the weight comes off. I like to tell people I’m on the bacon diet.  I sort of am.  I fueled my yesterday (Tuesday) with two cups of coffee, several glasses of water, six slices of bacon. Then last night I went home and made homemade guacamole. Terry enjoyed his guac with tortilla chips. I enjoyed my half with a spoon.  Also, there may or may not have been some coconut vapor infused vodka somewhere in the mix of the evening. But, seriously, so long as it’s 70 proof or better, there are NO CARBS. So, it’s fine. Long story short? I woke up 3.5lbs less this morning than I did on Sunday.

Hmmm. UH-oHHH. Come to think of it, I’ve told a couple of people this morning that I’ve lost 4 pounds since the first of the week…Well. I’m not gonna revise my story. (Afterall, math never has been my strong suit.)


April 8, 2015 at 11:28 am 1 comment

enough is enough

Okay, this is it. Enough is enough! I have had all I can stand and I can’t stand n’more. I have GOT to lose this weight. Getting dressed in the morning is just torturous. When it comes to getting dressed, I am in full on camouflage mode. It’s no longer, “What top can I wear with this color pants?” Nooooo. Now it’s, “What can I wear that will cover my tail-end?” And my tail-end definitely needs to be covered. I’ve got to quit talking about it and doing nothing about it. (Or, talking about it, then dieting for ten days and stopping when I haven’t lost it fast enough to suit me.) I’m not very patient with me. And I’m very tough on myself about these things. Plus, dieting just makes me. Well. It just makes me MAD as a hornet. I DESPISE dieting. I despise dieting, and I LOVE Lays potato chips. THIS is a bad combination.

But it’s October. And I like cooler weather soOoOoo much better! Surely that will help me be more willing to get outside and walk. And, I like that it’s two months ‘til Thanksgiving. And three months til Christmas. And it’s just, what? Nine weeks til the start of a brand new year. I’d like to ring 2014 in as a DRAMATICALLY smaller woman. So let it be written; so let it be done!

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really, really cranky

Really, really cranky today. Probably because I started dieting again today. I started exercising Saturday. The DVD series I’m doing is very lunges & squats intensive. Two days of that, and this morning I woke up THREE POUNDS HEAVIER! Now y’all…that is soooo not right! No fair!!!!

So I counted Weight Watchers POINTS on everything I ate today. And I walked a mile tonight. I have four POINTS remaining. But I am sooooo cranky and depressed! I HATE controling portions size! Hate it!!! Here lately everytime I start a plain old calorie restrictive plan, I get soooooo bummed out that I want to go back on low carb diet like within a day’s time!! I would much rather make the foods obey than to make the portion sizes obey.

Long story short? I am so depressed about my weight…and soooo MAD that I have to diet!!

OK. Yeah. That pretty much sums it up.

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consignment store, here I come!

I think I’m gonna have to go somewhere and consign some of my too big clothes in order to be able to buy clothes that will fit me. What a problem to have, I know. But, for instance… (more…)

June 5, 2008 at 3:50 pm 1 comment

incredible…NO! phenomenal lunch hour shopping discovery

Size SIX pants, baby!




Know why? ‘Cause I’ve lost fifteen percent of my body weight since January 27th! That’s why! 

Just six pounds to my goal of 130lbs! Yayyyyyyyyy me!

May 29, 2008 at 3:29 pm 2 comments

eating more in order to weigh less

I’m having company this Saturday night (our small group from church), and my house needs major housekeeping services before then. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhelp! (more…)

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Drumroll pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease:


April 16, 2008 at 9:39 am 2 comments

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