MERCY! You’ve GOT to read this book!!!

MERCY y’all! You have just GOT to read this book!

My baby sister is a phenomenal writer. This book, entitled MERCY, is her second book. It is ahhhhMAYYYYzing. You really need to read it. I’ve attached the link to purchasing it (in e-book format) on Download yourself a copy today!

About this book:

MERCY, set in the small Mississippi town of that name, weaves a tale of past and present and reveals what can happen to three generations of family when money and secrets collide.

Davis Sanford, contemptuously dismissed by his family almost a decade ago, is a recovering alcoholic and the grandchild of local timber baron and pillar of the community, Frank Sanford. An early-morning phone call from his old haunt of Mercy draws Davis home once more for the impending death of the family patriarch. Jennifer Martin returns to the scene as Davis’s girlfriend, and the two embark on a weekend journey through his past.

As the prodigal son copes with his grandfather’s mortality, he must also face his disapproving father and a wealth of personal history he has tried for years to leave behind. Together with Jennifer he uncovers one family secret after another, at last discovering the sin that has shaped, conflicted, and ultimately driven them all to the tragic existences they lead.

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a must-read book: FLATLANDS by Susan Sims Moody

My younger sister, Susan, is quite the author, y’all! In celebration of the fact that her THIRD book is about to come out, I thought I’d take a moment and reccommend that you read the first two in the series! Today I’d like to share with you an excerpt from the first book in her series, entitled, FLATLANDS.

Enjoy the excerpt, and then, by all means, purchase your own copy in e-book format by visiting this link!

Flatlands (The Jennifer Martin Mystery Series) – Kindle Edition – Kindle eBook (Oct. 18, 2010) by Susan Sims Moody

Buy: $2.99

And here’s the excerpt I promised you! From FLATLANDS  by Susan Sims Moody:

After hours of working on her new home, Jennifer needed a break. It was cooling off, about seventy degrees outside. At a quarter past eight, the sun was dropping fast. She pulled on a gray sweatshirt, exchanged her flip-flops for a pair of tennis shoes, and walked out the back door to explore the back forty.
Behind the old house sprawled a large grassy field. The heat had baked the knee-high weeds to an amber glow. Ancient pine trees lined the field, marking the boundary of the county landfill. Only when the wind blew the wrong direction would anyone suspect it. The house had been built on a man-made plateau that sloped down to the field below. She didn’t think much about it.
Crickets chirped in the cooling evening hours, and Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief and exhaustion. She descended the sloping hill to the heart of the yellow-gold field. Something loomed up suddenly in the dark.
Had it been there all along? Was something in the field with her? Jennifer paused and looked. The object did not move. She waited a little longer and noticed a mildewed odor wafting toward her. Whatever it was, it had been there a long time.
She continued closer to investigate. As she closed in, it seemed larger and larger. She came closer and touched the side of a still-warm shell that lay on its side, four feet tall. Blue paint flaked off the surface in sheets as big as her hand as she continued to investigate.
It was rectangular with a large hose-like object around it. Moving around, she discovered another piece, lying separately from the first. Shoes. She saw black shoes attached to ten-foot tall legs, cut off at the pelvis. Around again, and Jennifer saw another rectangle: a grocery sack with a huge forearm and hand clutching it tightly.
She knew what was next. The huge head lay face down in the mud, water stagnating inside what would have held a brain, had it been real. The Giant Grocer had been abandoned when the grocery chain failed. Lying in three pieces, he was a memorial to all that once was grand almost twenty years ago. The thought of groceries made her hungrier still.
Jennifer rubbed her tired hands across the mammoth man, feeling his colors flaking away as she touched the forgotten figure. His peach features were cooling faster than his dark brown hair. The field was completely dark now. She looked back toward her house as headlights flashed in the driveway.
Startled to have a visitor, all other thoughts vanished, and the crickets seemed to hush in anticipation. She patted the grocer one last time and jogged up the hill to see who had come to call. The hill seemed steeper going up than it did going down, and Jennifer had to pause to catch her breath where the back yard became markedly more sloped. The Mississippi delta, and you’ve got to pick the only place in two hundred miles that has a hill in the back yard, she thought.

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truly amazing

Well, I DID costume myself as “Flo the Progressive Insurance lady” today. And, I must be convincing. I have actually had two people to inquire SERIOUSLY if I was truly going to be selling insurance now. One even went so far as to tell me that they had Geico now, and that they’d be interested in discussing rates with me.

Noooooo, I am NOT kidding. And neither was that person. I looked at them and said politely, with a smile on my face, “Ohhhh, noooo—this is just my halloween costume.” And they responded with a countenance of full chagrin.

I mean…y’all? I am just in shock. I’m at a loss for words. (And I’m not sure that’s ever happened before.)

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this and that

Ahhhh. The weather is finally cooling off some. I am thankful. I despise the heat. My tolerance for cold weather is MUCH greater. I don’t know that it’s great enough to tolerate the winter my little sister and her family have signed on for up there in the great white north, though. That below freezing mess can stay well on up there above the Mason Dixon line as far as I’m concerned. Last year the heater broke in my minivan on a couple of days when it was around eleven degrees outside. Now, THAT wasn’t exactly a chuckle-fest. But, so long as I have the luxuries of a heater in my home and vehicle, then this girl is completely happy with winter temps. Throw some snow in there and I’m ecstatic! I told my sister she’d better prepare her chilluns for the cold hard facts—Wisconsin students don’t have snow days. Those mornings will be tear-jerkers, I’m thinking. Earlier this week Susan said their weather forecast held the promise of snow for TODAY.

Very happy to say I’m still be painting all the time. Here lately my painted pendants and my earrings have really taken off. So excited about it! And the Christmas gift buying season is approaching. Remember me as you plan your gift list. My jewelry is perfect for teacher gifts! Well, they’re great for any of the ladies on your list, really. And the price is right! (See One stop shopping…no lines, no waiting. I’ll even gift wrap. (Now that’s hard to beat, y’all!) I do have pendants painted up, and earrings, too…ready to go. So local folk— let me know when you’d like to swing by after work and peruse the ArTSieSmarTSie inventory. Out of towners…order now so we can ship it to ya in time to put under the tree! I’ve been trying to beef up my stock some for those who want to come by and shop from my dining room table again this year. Y’all I just feel sooooo blessed to have found this niche. Sometimes I worry—I hope everyone understands there’s just one of me! My breakfast table is covered in order bags with names of customers penned in calligraphy. It’s become my order fulfillment station. As I finish an order completely and ship it, I mark it off my to-do list! But, there IS no assembly line. I’m a one-woman show! = )

Tomorrow’s the last work day before Halloween. Trying to decide if I’m gonna go through with going to work dressed as Flo the Progressive Insurance girl. I’ve got the whole get-up. I’m just not sure I give a flip anymore! I guess I should since I’ve been gathering the clothes from sales racks for months. But, now I feel sorta unmotivated to follow through. I really should go to a Progressive Insurance office and get a photo made out by the PROGRESSIVE sign at least.

Today we’re attending a farewell luncheon for the man who told my now supervisor to hire me 4+ years ago. I remember very well getting that telephone call. I had interviewed at 11 o’clock on July 17, 2006. I got home from the interview, and before I’d even had time to get out of my interview clothes, the phone rang. It was the office manager, Patsy. And she told me very plainly that Tom had put my resume on her desk after our interview with the instructions, “Hire her.” I really hate to see him leave our company. I’ll truly miss working with him. Shelby County Public Works division is definitely blessed to have Tom Needham coming on board. May he be blessed in this new endeavor.

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yeah, i’m kind of a party pooper…what’s it to ya?

The very idea of crowds sets off alarms in my psyche. Retreat! Retreat!! Sounding in my head in conjunction with the concept of close quarters with lots of people are the type of alarms that sounded in the movie, SILKWOOD, when Meryl Streep was exposed to radiation and they had to strip her down and shower her right there at the workplace.

But why? idk y’all. But, it’s clearly an inherited trait. I got it from my mother. She got it from her mother. I don’t know who Mama Margie got it from. It’s not fun to be the one who doesn’t wanna go to whatever THING the kids wanna go to. But, that’s me. Now, nine times outa ten, if I’ll push through it and go on…Face up to it and focus on other people having fun and me trying not to look like how I really feel…Well, I do fine. Typically.

All that said: We’ve got a harvest festival with games and candy and face painting and all that mess coming up at church.

Sheeeeeesh. I’d rather be horse-whipped.

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really, really cranky

Really, really cranky today. Probably because I started dieting again today. I started exercising Saturday. The DVD series I’m doing is very lunges & squats intensive. Two days of that, and this morning I woke up THREE POUNDS HEAVIER! Now y’all…that is soooo not right! No fair!!!!

So I counted Weight Watchers POINTS on everything I ate today. And I walked a mile tonight. I have four POINTS remaining. But I am sooooo cranky and depressed! I HATE controling portions size! Hate it!!! Here lately everytime I start a plain old calorie restrictive plan, I get soooooo bummed out that I want to go back on low carb diet like within a day’s time!! I would much rather make the foods obey than to make the portion sizes obey.

Long story short? I am so depressed about my weight…and soooo MAD that I have to diet!!

OK. Yeah. That pretty much sums it up.

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paid to be me…

Okay, ya know, I’ve thought about it. And I really think it would be great to be able to do for a living what it is I would do anyway just for FUN! Do what I love! Love what I do!

And you know, I guess I’m sort of CLOSE to that as a receptionist. That probably sounds crazy to most folks. But, my Monday through Friday day-gig gives me a place to spread happiness and joy (if I so choose). I actually enjoy talking to people. (I know, I know. That’s such a little known fact about me. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t realize I’m a talker, or if that has not occurred to you!)

But, what I’d really like to do is see my creative side EXPLODE onto the scene— into something financially substantial enough that I could stay home and CREATE all day for a living. Would that be da bomb or what? YESSSSSSSSS!

Oooooh. I think all that explosive enthusiasm just gave me a headache. Pass the Advil. Okay. So, what can I do to increase my territory? And to give me a JUMPING OFF point to truly launch the kind of cottage industry that would blow a 40 hour a week job out of my reality…SAFELY? (I am concerned that SAFELY part is the same feature that’s gonna keep the ship I’m hoping will come in tied to the dock…some place else!)

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading on a website called Illuminated Mind and Body. Some neat ideas from a really non-conformist, break-all-the-rules-the-world-has-made-up kinda guy. Just reading…and throwin’ all that all in the mix.

Thoughts? Send ’em my way…

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